Counting Wonders with Jade's Neighborhood in Numbers

Counting Wonders with Jade's Neighborhood in Numbers

August 16, 2023

There's something magical about seeing a child light up when they recognize their name in a story, especially one that teaches and entertains simultaneously. At First Time Books, we're experts in conjuring this magic. Our newest creation, Jade's Neighborhood in Numbers, offers an enchanting counting escapade, personalized to fit your child's unique identity.

With Jade's Neighborhood in Numbers, your child (or any name and gender of your choosing) sets out on a lively journey around her neighborhood, mastering the art of counting from one to ten. This isn't just any ordinary counting tale; it's one where your child takes center stage.

Why are personalized books like this a game-changer?

  1. Deep Engagement: Recognizing oneself as the hero creates an instant connection, making learning more immersive.
  2. Building Blocks: Early numeracy skills are vital. Through engaging narratives, kids learn faster and more joyfully.
  3. Boosted Self-Esteem: Being the protagonist fosters self-worth, reinforcing the idea that they can achieve anything.
  4. Illustrative Excellence: Our vibrant illustrations aren't just eye-catching; they enhance the story, making counting tangible and fun.

You can even add a personal message, making it not just a learning tool but also a keepsake that evokes memories of early learning years down the line.

Looking to bring a sprinkle of counting magic to your child's bedtime? Dive into the world of Jade or tailor the adventure to your child's name. Visit and begin your personalized journey today with First Time Books.

Join us, and let's make bedtime tales a memorable and educational voyage!

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