About Our Personalized Storybooks for Children

Chad Kase

Chad Kase is the Co-Founder of First Time Books, a personalized children’s book publishing company. We offer a unique line of completely personalized children’s books, whereby a shopper can customize a child’s name, gender, ethnicity, hair color, age and friends’ and parents’ characteristics in the story. This experience allows children to experience familiarity in the storyline, thus increasing their interest in reading!

Chad has been working downtown Chicago as the Chief Technology Officer for a printing company, Palmer Printing for the past 16 years. His experience with web development and design, along with his career in printing has given him all the tools he needed to bring First Time Books to life. Chad helped launch First Time Books in 2009 with his partner John Burke with the personalized potty training book for John’s daughter. Since then they have created ten more personalized children’s books and expect to launch another four this year.

Chad lives in the Chicagoland area with his wife and two little boys. When he’s not working or spending time with his family, he enjoys training for his next Ironman triathlon race.

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547 Park Drive • Kenilworth IL 60043