Unique Personalized Children's Storybooks

Kids love to read when they relate to the story. If you want to help your child connect with a book, there’s no better way than making them a part of what they explore -- literally. That’s where First Time Books comes in. We create personalized children's storybooks that make ideal gifts for early readers. Our wide range of options includes:

  • Adventure Stories
  • Birthday Books
  • Holiday-Themed Stories

By giving kids something that is easy to invest their attention in, you make sure they have what they need to develop important skills.

Teaching Life Lessons

Blending fun with real learning is a great way to teach kids important concepts in a way they understand. That’s why our stories and personalized coloring books incorporate practical lessons on subjects like:

  • Learning the Alphabet
  • Handling Bedtime
  • Potty Training

We even offer personalized letters from Santa that help parents create a magical tradition to share during the holidays. No matter what subject you chose, personalizing the story helps children relate the story to their lives. Shop our selection today to pick out the right resource for teaching and entertaining your child.