Personalized Birthday Book

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Birthday wishes come true in this exciting, customized birthday book! Enjoy this birthday celebration story, complete with a bit of math, a touch of magic, and a whole lot of fun for the birthday boy or girl. Customize images of the birthday child and parents, as well as friends and other family members.

Each personalized book is built especially for the child receiving the gift. So a book created for N A V E E N (White boy with blonde hair) would be different if a book was ordered for A N J A L I (Indian girl with black hair).

This book is 8.5" x 11" and is 28 fully customized pages cover to cover.
Please enter the child's first Name only
Please select the child's Gender
Please select the child's ethnicity
Select the child's Hair Color
Please enter the child's birthday
Child's Hometown
What are you going to be when you're a teenager?
Friend #1's First Name
Friend #2's First Name
Mother's Ethnicity
Mother's Hair Color
Father's Ethnicity
Father's Hair Color
Enter a message you'd like printed in the book. (e.g. Love Mommy & Daddy)

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