Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog

January 02, 2020

Books and children go together like puppies and kittens, like birthdays and balloons, like cookies and milk. They are just made to be together. At First Time Books, we truly believe that and champion the value of reading to young people every chance we get. This is one of those chances. It’s our new blog, and we want to welcome you to it.

Here, we plan on discussing the value of reading to young people and teaching them to read. We’ll talk about how children, even the youngest ones, delight in hearing about kids just like themselves in books. Of course, we’ll look at how much more they love it when the child and his or her friends are featured in personalized children’s books as well.

Along the way, we plan on sharing our thoughts on subjects such as how to celebrate a child’s first birthday with a personalized children’s book. We’ll look at how these books fill a very important role in a child’s early development by featuring kids just like them, as well as family members.

We hope to find the time to talk more in-depth about the importance of raising children who love to read and how to get them hooked at a young age. We’ll even welcome questions and suggestions from you for future blog topics. We’re always open to fresh ideas. Thanks for reading, and we hope you come back again soon.

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