How Personalized Children’s Books Help You Raise a Good Reader

parents reading with young son

June 24, 2020

Some kids love to read naturally; others need a little encouragement. One way to raise an eager and good reader is to use personalized children’s books. By giving your child a book tailored to them, you can capture their interest and help them engage more with the story.

Capturing Interest

One problem that parents often face is that their child strongly prefers active play over sitting and reading. While young kids should run around and explore their world, such exuberance can make books seem unappealing to them. Presenting them with a personalized kid’s book where they are the star is a simple way to pique their interest. Even the most reluctant readers will be curious.

Engaging with the Story

In addition to capturing interest, another common problem is that children passively read the book (or listen to it) without engaging with the story. This lack of interaction makes reading feel dull, plus it sets a bad precedent for school assignments. However, a children’s book personalized for your child puts them front and center, making it easier for you to keep them involved. You can ask them questions like, “Why did you do that?” and “What will you do next?” to train them into active reading and foster a deeper interest in stories.

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