The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

The Benefits of Reading to Your Child

February 20, 2020

If your parents read to you as a child, you likely have wonderful memories of closeness, excitement, and entertainment. If not, don’t deprive your child, for this simple activity offers benefits in so many ways. The most obvious is language skills. By hearing the words and then coming to associate them with the pictures and letters on the page, your child improves their vocabulary and picks up the fundamentals of reading. One way to engage your child’s attention and imagination is with personalized children's books. With their name right on the front, they can’t help but be curious about the adventure and its outcome.

Just Some of the Strong Points

This parent-child reading experience is more than just fun, although the value of this can’t be discounted. Other benefits include:

Stimulating a developing brain, building networks that help transition between listening to a book and reading it for themselves

  • Setting your child up for success in school
  • Fostering closeness between parent and child
  • Teaching listening skills
  • Readying your child for new experiences
  • Calming and quieting your child
  • Teaching thinking skills
  • Assisting with the development of imagination
  • Helping to learn the difference between fantasy and reality.
What are you waiting for? Start building your child’s book collection with the help of First Time Books.

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